Environmental protection market And up and cherish

Recently, a steel plant in Jiangsu Province, the news of illegal construction shutdown, the stainless steel market prices crazy staged staggering. While steel prices are also pulling up, ahead of some of the traders 

can only silently watching their own money away. On the market performance, 300 series of rising at the same time, 200 series is also followed by a series of resources within one day a substantial adjustment, 

and the large frequency pull up momentum.

Due to the introduction of environmental protection and go to the production capacity of the implementation of the policy, the spot supply of resources in short supply, the market to take advantage of the trend, 

individual traders have to be closed up after the move straight price increases, the steel prices to high, the market from time to time Crazy sweeping phenomenon.

December – the futures price list of TISCO

The homeopathic 200 series Chengde opening rose 300 Yuan / Ton, the December issue of a single guide price reported to 10,100 Yuan / Ton, breaking the million mark, led by the market pull up led by 

Cheng, have also followed closely.