Size Range(diameter): 0.08mm-3mm

Tinned CCS wire(Tinned Copper clad Steel wire) 

Size Range(diameter): 0.08mm-3mm 

Tinned CCS wire is"CP"wire,which is made of high-class low-carbon steel,clad non-oxygenic copper layer by mechanical method , than plating Tin.Due to the high purity of layer ,the Copper core and Tin layer cladding close-grained. Tinned CCS wire with the high conductivity &magneto conductivity of Copper ,high strength of Steel, Thermal conductivity,&corrosion resistance of Steel,The resistance of anti-vibration effect is 3-6 times to pure Copper wire, it is easy to automation.So it is widely used for lead wire& jumper of electronic components, core of RF cable, It has become a perfect wire of communication, electronics, electric power industry.

Specifications of Tinned CCS wire:

Packing of Tinned CCS wire:

1) Normal package,Spool size:

DIN105mm, DIN130mm, DIN180mm,DIN250mm, DIN400mm.

2) According to customer requirement.


1、CCS wire is widely used for CATV cable;

2、Conductor of coaxial cable, conductor of parallel double core telephone lines;

3、Computer LAN wire, access network cable, outdoor used cable inner conductor materials;

4、All sorts of electronic components connectors;

5、Power transmission and telephone line aerial;

6、Electrified railway, the rail transit lines catenary aerial;

7、Textile shielding wire of power cable;

8、Electric power industry holding ground;

9、Medical equipment and equipment connecting cables conductor;

10、High temperature electronic line conductor;

11、High temperature of radio frequency cable coil;

12、High frequency signal transmission;

13、Cable TV coaxial cable conductor.

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