Grade: C18150,C18200,C1500;C18000

    Length: 2~3.6 meter

    Diameter: 2~100mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Chromium zirconium copper bar manufacturer and supplier.

The chromium-zirconium copper rod (CuCrZr) is composed of three kinds of metals, which has high hardness, good wear resistance and explosion resistance, and high softening temperature (hardness >75HRB; after 2 hours at 550 °C, the quenching cooling is not lower than the original hardness. More than 15%; the average value of three-point conductivity is ≥44MS/M measured by eddy current conductivity meter.) It is a good welding material with good crack resistance. Common grades are QCr1-0.15 and QCr0.6-0.4. , QCr0.5, C18150, C18200 and so on.

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Chemical Composition of Chromium zirconium copper bar:

1. C18150/CuCr1Zr/CW106C

Cr:0.50-1.50%; Zr:0.05-0.25% ;Cu:balance













Characteristics of Chromium zirconium copper bar:

High strength(Rm:≥450Mpa,HRB:70-86),high conductivity(conductivity IACS%:75-83),heat wear resisting, distortion prevention


Features of Chromium zirconium copper bar:

 1.high strength: tensile strength> 450Mpa

 2.high hardness:HRB70-86 HB120-165

 3.high conductivity: conductivity> 75%

 4.high softening point:475-600°C

 5.high wear resistant high heat-resisting

 6.High anti-deformation ability

 7.long serving life

Packaging of Chromium Zirconium Copper Bar :


Application of Chromium zirconium copper bar:

Widely used for automobile and spaceship stencil plate and contact welding stainless steel. Ideal electrode material for seal welder, high-voltage switch welding material and circuit breaker material, best high-strength, high conductivity and high melting-point material used for continuous crystallization device in metallurgical trade, and widely used for lead frame.

Advantages of Chromium zirconium copper bar:

1.We can provide specific forms according to customers' requests

2.We are also a manufacturer,so we can provide the products in conformity with your requirements

3.Our company has rich technical force and advanced production equipment and coordinated advanced test equipment and method

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